English is our big project, we should to be good workers


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English is our big project, we should be good workers

most of people enter just to see what is written and don't make comments or say anything, how can we improve our english if we don't do some real work and start to enrich our discussions with different ideas and new vocabulary. that's in the one hand.

In the other hand, participation rate is very low, in three or four days, there's just one discussion added to the forum, there's a lack of participation, so we should to have a real object to complete, and be ready to do anything to succeed this big project.

wish the best for all members WB


Thank you, wish the same for you. Personnally, for improving my english, I talk with foreign people who use english as their first or second language, that helps me a lot to keep my english level sustained.


so what do u suggest to motivate the members ? My english decrease day after day, and i'm not trying to keep up :p


why not ;) but it's very difficult to express or to talk about all the life's things in english :p

I'm not pessimist so I will try my best <D <D


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The tip I can give personnally to practice talking in english in a better way is this :

" Think..Do Not Translate "

Should I explain more ?